NC Democrats submit bill to repeal HB2

Senate Democrats filed a bill this afternoon to fully repeal HB 2, making good on vows to prioritize repealing the deeply unpopular and divisive bill this legislative session.Known as Senate Bill 25, sponsors of it look to repeal the controversial measure with no strings attached. It isn’t the first time Democrats have tried to roll back the law, and like previous attempts, it probably won’t go anywhere because Republicans control the legislature.Mecklenburg County’s own Jeff Jackson is one of those sponsors. The Democrats who filed the bill say they’re hoping it can be at least a starting point.Jackson told Channel 9 a repeal of HB2 may require lengthy conversations.House Bill 2 has been the center of a lot of controversy in the state since it was approved last March, garnering national attention and raising questions about transgender rights.At the end of a year ago, legislators considered repealing HB2.”I think we do have a chance at getting a clean repeal because the business community is putting an enormous amount of pressure on the Republican leadership to pass just that”.Gov. Roy Cooper’s spokesman also made a statement on the filing, stating, “The votes existed in both chambers in December, and legislative leaders could bring the bill to the floor to repeal this law today”. “Governor Cooper is hopeful that politics can be set aside in the interest of North Carolina’s economy, and he will continue to work with members of both parties to reach an agreement to undo the damage this law has caused”.