Five questions on a US-China trade war

China has expressed its desire to work with the new USA administration to promote the healthy development of commercial ties.Diplomatically isolated Taiwan looks forward to more military cooperation and high-level visits from the United States under Donald Trump after he takes office as us president Friday, though both sides are likely to proceed carefully to avoid a backlash from China.”We urge again the American side not to allow any Taiwanese official delegation to attend the United States presidential inauguration ceremony and not to have any kind of official contact with Taiwan”, Foreign Ministry spokesman Hua Chunying told a regular press briefing yesterday.The statement could be an attempt to warn the new U.S. President that he’ll either have to partner with the two countries at once or no one at all.It’s an opportune time for China and Russian Federation to make the statement, as nobody really knows what Trump’s first foreign policy moves will be. “All the trade war threat to China is just the bluffing of a paper tiger”, it said.”Important progress has been made by the two countries”.The goal of the administration is to reduce historic dependence on the USA and seek a balanced relationship with other major powers such as China and Russian Federation.Philippine President Rodrigo Duterte will visit China in May to attend a multilateral summit, said China’s Foreign Ministry yesterday, which will be his second visit to Beijing since taking office, as he seeks to further distance himself from Washington.Earlier on Wednesday, Trump’s nominee for US Ambassador to the United Nations Nikki Haley said during her confirmation hearing at the Senate that the United States must realize Russian Federation and China are very different, with the former allegedly trying to show its military strength and the latter its economic power.What areas of the U.S. Previous U.S. Presidents, including Barack Obama, invited Taiwanese representatives to attend with little pushback from China. -China relations. Hua also urged the US not to allow meetings between officials from both sides.The billionaire has also handed jobs to several stridently anti-China voices including one academic who has described its rulers as a cabal of despicable, parasitic, brutal, brass-knuckled, crass, callous, amoral, ruthless totalitarians. He threatened to slap a tariff of up to 45 percent on Chinese imports. “By not granting Taiwan’s request, Trump would be doing China a great favour”, he said.Tsai still hopes to avoid provoking China, which retaliated for the Trump call by persuading a Taiwan ally to switch sides last month, and passing the Chinese aircraft carrier near Taiwan last week, experts say. A “trade war” would harm all countries involved, he said.Trump has said in comments as late as last week that he’s open to renegotiating USA policy that forbids seeing self-ruled Taiwan as its own country.