Leonardo DiCaprio and His Steak Were Blessed by Salt Bae

A user tweeted, “Leonardo DiCaprio to play “salt bae” and win his second Oscar”. Last month, the chef, who also happens to be attractive, went viral – thanks to a swoon-inducing Instagram video in which he sprinkles salt on a piece of meat with a dramatic, elegant flourish. A photo of Leo getting his steak salted by Nusret during a dinner at the famed Turkish chef’s restaurant in Dubai has been turned into hilarious memes. The most mundane of things can easily become the next sensation and no one can really predict who or what would become the next popular meme.On Thursday, the chef shared a photo on Instagram of Leo dining at his restaurant, Nusr-Et Steakhouse. Nusret Gokce can be seen seasoning meat for Hollywood actor Leonardo DiCaprio, yes you read it right!Also, now that Salt Bae is opening up a restaurant in NYC, this could well be the beginning of a handsome salty meat-based friendship.”You can think of it a kind of final touch for a painting”.