The People’s Choice Awards tried to censor The Rock and failed miserably

When Hart, 37, accepted his trophy for Favorite Comedic Performance in “Central Intelligence“, in which he co-starred with Johnson, he thanked his co-stars, adding, “Except The Rock, because he hasn’t helped me”.The prestigious People Choice Awards aired Wednesday night, basically just giving Ellen Degeneres another opportunity to win an award and show off The Rock and Kevin Hart’s budding bromance.So who took the award home?The Rock eventually got his revenge, and cussed out Hart in front of the entire crowd while accepting his award for Favorite Premium Series Actor. After he thanked everyone on the show and his family, giving a special shoutout to his daughters, he then said something that PCAs made a decision to bleep out. After the bleeping, Johnson mentioned that Hart approved of him saying whatever it was, but that’s what everyone was left curious about.Unfortunately, there is no other way for viewers to find out what it was but for Johnson to say it or someone who was in the audience. Why, Dwayne “Literally Just A Rock” Johnson, of course! Most importantly, he reminded us of the necessity of kindness, especially these days.Although it’s not a Meryl Streep level speech it was also very nice to hear. Congrats to him on his award and I wish him all the best. And please, tell us what you said.