French Terrorist Was Egyptian Citizen On Tourist Visa

The man was armed with at least one machete and carrying two briefcases as he attempted to enter the museum’s shopping center.A soldier opened fire on the attacker, firing five times and wounding him in the stomach.In a press conference, police chief Michel Cadot said the man had shouted: “Allahu Akbar” (“God is great”, in Arabic) and made other remarks that indicated his actions were intended as a terrorist attack.His father, Reda Refae al-Hamahmy, said after learning that his son has been responsible for the Paris attack that Abdullah had been “normal” and was neither an extremist nor did he belong to any militant groups.The attack also garnered a response from President Donald Trump early Friday morning. Another individual behaving suspiciously was detained in the process, but it’s not yet confirmed if he is linked to the attack.Egypt’s foreign ministry has said that no tensions have arisen between Egypt and France, and that their relationship will not be affected after the nationality of the man behind an attack near Paris’ Louvre Museum on Friday was revealed to be Egyptian.In an update on its Twitter account, the Ministry of the Interior said around 250 people who were inside the Louvre at the time of the attack remained inside.One soldier sustained a slight head injury.The man is believed to have tweeted about the Islamic State in Iraq and Syria (ISIS) terror group minutes before the assault, a source close to the investigation has said.”A lady told us to evacuate because there was a terrorist attempt”, Bolt told CBS News.France’s national state of emergency lasts until 15 July 2017 following a wave of terror in the country over the past two years. The deployment followed the slaying of 17 people at and around the Charlie Hebdo magazine in January 2015, and the murder two days later of four Jews at a kosher store in Paris.The French president also hailed “the courage” and “determination” of soldiers to prevent an attack that would have put at risk the life of 1,200 visitors.The attack took place only hours before leaders of Paris’s bid for the 2024 Olympics unveil their final candidate files.