Paris Machete Attacker Said To Be In Critical Condition

As of 10:22 a.m. local time, Paris transit officials tweeted that the Palais Royal Louvre Museum subway stop was closed due to a “security measure”.France has suffered a string of attacks in recent years, beginning in January 2015 when jihadist gunmen killed journalists at the Charlie Hebdo satirical newspaper in Paris.Following the attack Friday morning, French security forces have shut down an area around the Louvre in Paris with details of the attack still being unclear. The ministry tweeted that the visitors were kept remote in parts of the secured museum and that they were being removed from “in small groups after the necessary checks”. There is a significant presence of soldiers in the French capital since the country is in an extended state of emergency until July 2017. He is thought to be in his 30s but no details about him have been released.There have been a number of attacks in the country since then, including one by a man who killed 86 and wounded more than 400 people past year when he rammed a truck into crowds celebrating Bastille Day in Nice. Luc Poignant, the head of a French police union, told France Info radio the suspect had gunshot injuries to his abdomen and leg. No explosives have been found, according to Paris prefect Michel Cardot. He had no identity documents on him, police said.”Most likely it was an attempt to carry out a terrorist attack”, Cazeneuve stated. The assailant lunged at the soldier before he was shot, Cadot said. Another individual behaving suspiciously was detained in the process, but it’s not yet confirmed if he is linked to the attack.Officials say the man was shot five times during the February 3 incident, in which he shouted “God is greatest” in Arabic before lashing out at security guards.