Turkey detains 423 Daesh members in simultaneous raids

AUTHORITIES in Turkey have detained some 400 people suspected of being involved with terrorist group ISIS.At least 60 suspects were detained in the capital Ankara, while 150 were arrested in Sanliurfa province near the Syrian border along with scores of others across the country during the past week, as security forces carried out the raids.Turkish anti-terrorism police stand by their armoured vehicle during an operation to arrest people over alleged links to the Islamic State group, in Adiyaman, southeastern Turkey, early Sunday, Feb. 5, 2017.The suspects were rounded up in simultaneous raids on the Sincan, Cubuk, Yenimahalle and Mamak districts of the capital. Another 14 foreigners were due to be deported, including 10 children. Some of them have already been convicted.Thirty-nine people, mainly foreigners, were killed at New Year when an Islamic State member opened fire inside the Reina night club in Istanbul. IS claimed the massacre, its first clear claim for a major attack in Turkey although it had been blamed for several bombings in 2016.The suspected attacker, Uzbek national Abdulgadir Masharipov, was detained on January 16 after over two weeks on the run. Authorities reported he confessed to the massacre. Daesh is responsible for a string of terror attacks in Ankara and Istanbul, as well as cross-border fire from Syria that has killed a number of residents in Turkish border towns over the past year.Turkish forces have been deployed in Syria since August with the aim of clearing a border patch of IS militants and Syrian Kurdish fighters that Ankara considers related to its own Kurdish insurgency.Despite various claims by that Isis is facing imminent defeat, the terror organisation appears to still be capable of fighting on multiple fronts, holding west Mosul in Iraq with a population of 750,000, ands having recaptured Palmyra in Syria in mid-December. However observers say Turkey has markedly stepped up its actions against ISIL in the last months and note that the capture of Masharipov alive may provide it with valuable intelligence.