Texas announces its first locally transmitted Zika case

The Lone Star State announced its first locally transmitted case of the mosquito-borne virus on Monday, becoming the second state in the country to confirm a local transmission.According to the CDC, a total of 4,444 cases of Zika have been reported in the continental United States and Hawaii as of November 23, including 182 infections spread locally by mosquitoes and 36 believed to be the result of sexual transmission. A woman in the Rio Grande Valley became the first person likely to be infected with Zika by a mosquito in Texas, state officials said Monday.”Based on the information we have, this patient has a negative blood test which indicates that she can no longer spread the infection by mosquito”, said Dr. James W. Castillo with the CameronCounty health department. Samsung Gear VR vs. Google Daydream – Best VR Battle
On the downside of this news, anyone with a Pixel phone is now not supported for Samsung Pay, but that could change in the future. Google has already indicated that it is in the long run when it comes to the Pixel phones, and this isn’t a one-off project. “We knew it was only a matter of time before we saw a Zika case spread by a mosquito in Texas”.In addition to ongoing disease surveillance efforts, which are part of the state’s Zika action plan, the state medical operations center has been activated to offer support through education and expertise as well as personnel and equipment resources.According to the CDC’s tally last week, there have been 4,444 Zika cases in the continental United States and Hawaii. The CDC is working with state and local officals. At Governor Scott’s direction, all county health departments now offer free Zika risk assessment and testing to pregnant women. He said that although Central Texas has been experiencing what seems like unseasonably warm weather, the region is less susceptible than South Texas to local transmission of Zika. Prior to this case, all the instances of infection were travel-related.The patient, a resident of Cameron County, likely contracted the virus from a mosquito in Texas. New vaccine ‘could be final nail in HIV’s coffin’
Scientists were then able to study the vaccine results and reformulate the drug and bring it back for another clinical trial. Some randomly assigned volunteers will be injected with the new HIV vaccine, while others will receive a placebo injection. Eleven of these babies were diagnosed with microcephaly and other neurologic complications associated with Zika syndrome, the researchers reported. Apparently, the woman, who is not pregnant, acquired the disease through a local mosquito.Officials in Cameron County and the City of Brownsville have assessed the woman’s home and have begun trapping and testing mosquitoes to understand how widespread the virus is in local mosquito populations.Zika is spread to people primarily through the bite of an infected Aedes species mosquito (Ae. aegypti and Ae. albopictus), both found in Brownsville. In a few cases, the mothers had ultrasounds during pregnancy that showed the infants’ brain abnormalities. They should also wear long-sleeved shirts and long trousers, use or fix screens on windows and doors, use air conditioning when available, and remove standing water inside and outside where mosquitoes can lay eggs.No vaccines or treatments are now available to treat or prevent Zika infections. Popular apps unlock new features for World AIDS Day
Some of the 10 developers include Rovio ( Angry Birds 2 , Angry Birds Pop! ), EA (FIFA Mobile , Sim City BuildIt , Plants Vs. As it has done for a decade now, Apple is once more supporting the (RED) campaign to support the fight against HIV/AIDS.