The Trend Toward Legalizing Recreational Marijuana

On Monday, some medical marijuana advocates said the initiative is the wrong way to go and were urging people to vote no during a rally outside San Francisco City Hall.On Election Day, five states-California, Arizona, Maine, Massachusetts, and Nevada-will vote on making marijuana a legal recreational drug. Health care measures are on the ballot in four states, including California, where voters could limit payments by state agencies to pharmaceutical companies, setting drug costs at the discounted prices enjoyed by the U.S. Department of Veterans Affairs. Orlando takes step toward buying Pulse nightclub for $2.25M
Poma and a partner opened Pulse in 2004 in memory of her brother, John, who died of AIDS in 1991, Orlando’s WTVR reported Tuesday. The City Council will vote next week on the purchase and, if approved, the matter will be finalized by the end of the year. While the headlines have been all about Hillary Clinton versus Donald Trump, Americans will be voting on 162 new measures in various states on Tuesday’s ballot that could produce some equally interesting results. In Fresno County, officials are expecting $3 million revenue that could fill the county’s budget crisis.Pelosi’s stance on the issue makes her one of the highest ranking politicians in a relatively small group openly supporting legalization of the drug for recreational use. If Prop 64 passes Tuesday, those over the age of 21 can legally smoke it but not on a street corner like this.Forecasts for local marijuana taxes – which will be collected in addition to state taxes – are staggering. Question 1 would see taxes set at 10%. Barack Obama mocks Trump’s Twitter ban
According to the Times , Trump has been replaced by a rotating cast of his now-“unfireable” staffers, at least online. The bot was designed by Gawker Labs and filters out only the tweets sent from Trump’s android phone. “If the industry takes off, the revenue could be life-changing for this community”, Matas said.One entrepreneur in the burgeoning marijuana industry understands the fears over “big tobacco”, but argues that if regulations are done in a responsible way, the industry will be a safer outlet than the current black market. Officials are expecting nearly 1$ million in revenue from marijuana taxes next year.”Cities have really struggled to balance their budgets”, he said. Sports Direct’s Shirebrook warehouse gets surprise inspection visit from MPs
The board of Sports Direct has denied any knowledge of an attempt to bug MPs who were on a surprise visit at the firm’s warehouse. I watched her put the device on the floor and when she left I said “bloody hell guys they are trying to record us”. Proposition 55, which would extend higher income taxes on wealthy Californians for another 12 years, holds a strong lead of 59 percent to just 38 percent opposed. Instead, the county proposed a measure with a much lower tax rate. Members of WNY NORML say that is one the most hard obstacles to overcome. “People are barely getting by”. Scottsdale-based will livestream a six-hour election special dubbed “Marijuana Election Night 2016″. We don’t want that Washington spirit of dysfunctionality brought to California and that’s what Prop 53 is. “But if you’re looking at them like they’re ATM machines, they are not going to come out of the hills”. Also known as the Montana Medical Marijuana Act, the plan permits the creation of medical marijuana cultivation facilities and bans law enforcement from conducting surprise inspections of them. When people purchase marijuana through illegal dealers, they are likely to be exposed to other drugs due to their contact with the dealer.