Trump and the ban

Most of the seven countries affected by the ban are, in fact, risky places, the experts told me.U.S. Committee for Refugees and Immigrants of North Carolina Director Scott Phillips confirmed Friday morning that it was just a missed connection and that the organization’s clients were in the process of rescheduling their flight to the Triangle.”AMI is committed to be a proactive voice for American Muslims, and our actions, writings and talks are geared to achieve the ultimate goal, where Americans will see Muslims as their neighbors and fellow citizens, committed to fighting against violent extremism and protecting the homeland”, said Islam Siddiqui, President of The American Muslim Institution.Trump said his administration s new system would ensure that people entering the United States embrace USA values including religious liberty.One tweeted: “Only countries that pose a potential threat, are banned“. Tell that to President Obama, who made it nearly impossible for Syrian refugees, Muslim or Christian, to immigrate to the United States until previous year.”All those people who are against this, make sure we don’t say, “Democrats will help us again”.”There’s obviously quite big differences right now between ourselves and this administration”, Adaktusson said, noting that his home country of Sweden has a tradition of being generous toward outsiders fleeing harm ― without discriminating on the basis of their religion. “We recognise that those individuals are temporarily inconvenienced while we conduct our review under the executive order”, said Will Cocks, spokesperson for Bureau of Consular Affairs Department of State.It is very unfortunate that none of the rulers of Muslim countries except Iran has said a single word against the ban.It was not a Muslim ban. “It makes domestic terrorism more likely”.On Friday, before U.S. District Court Judge Nathaniel Gorton, the ACLU and MA attorney general’s office argued for an extension of last weekend’s temporary restraining order against the ban, which by law could last only seven days.Who then will school America, or the world is just going to be on halt awaiting American hegemony to be imparted as the pace setter for the rest of the world to blindly follow.For example, the Islamic State took control of official passport offices as it swept across parts of Iraq, Syria, and Libya – and so would have had at its fingertips the means of issuing official-looking documents. In Iraq, for example, hundreds of thousands of citizens have fought the Islamic State, served as guides and interpreters for the American military or otherwise supported US efforts.In this war of ideas, we need moderate Muslims, experts say.Islamic societies across the country will also be standing up against this hatred, working with Universities to support for fellow american students on campus. “I think that they should either get with the program or they can go”.The tweet storm, sent out at approximately 8am Florida time (1pm GMT), came about four hours after US District Judge James L. Robart issued a nationwide injunction, ordering US law enforcements to stop detaining and deporting people arriving in the US from the banned countries. “Because we’re Muslim.’ And I guarantee you that is a bad thing for the United States”.