Xbox One will not be “Halo FPS/Gears led” this year

He stated that there will be no Halo FPS or Gears of War game coming this year. However, the release date of this next-gen gaming console is yet to surface, even though rumour mills have indicated that the Project Scorpio hardware would be released before the end of 2017. “XB1 games shipping this year are different for us. not Halo FPS/Gears led, new experiences with different IP, will be fun year”, he said.Just yesterday I predicted that Halo 6 is finished, and that it’ll release as a big-budget triple-A Project Scorpio launch game in Holiday 2017. More news about upcoming games should be released over the next few months. Also, the Gears of War series has never been annualized, at Epic or Microsoft.Instead, Spencer stated that there will be “new experiences with different IP” coming this year. In terms of first-party games, Rare’s Sea of Thieves and the Regeant Games-developed sandbox game Crackdown 3 are slated for this year.It was the cancellation of Scalebound recently that sparked off this conversation, prompting people to put the two console studios side-by-side and compare their upcoming releases, and Xbox One is trailing behind.In fact this hypothesis seems unlikely, the rumor comes from a Tweet by Phil Spencer, who responded with these words to a follower requesting information on the Phantom Dust game’s release date: “Shannon Loftis owns the date, we’d like to have you playing before E3 this year”.What are you hoping to see from Microsoft this year? Of course, there is always the chance Microsoft announces something completely new for release this year.