Call of Cthulhu trailer dives into the depths of madness

In case you’re not already questioning the nature of reality considering recent events, Cyanide and Focus Home Interactive have you covered with a new “Depths of Madness” trailer for Call of Cthulhu. The trailer, and game itself, detail the story of Pierce, the player character, and his descent into madness after arriving on a mysterious island to investigate a unusual death.Check out the new trailer below which sees protagonist Detective Edward Pierce investing the death of an artist on Darkwater Island, Boston.We’re still waiting for more details regarding the upcoming Call of Cthulhu game’s actual gameplay, but in the meantime, we’ll gladly take more of these spooky trailers. Cyanide also boasts games drawn from a wide variety of universes including Blood Bowl ® (Sport/Fantasy, 2009) and Blood Bowl 2 (2015), the video game adaptations of Games Workshop’s famous board game, Game of Thrones (RPG, 2012), Styx: Master of Shadows (Infiltration/2014) and its sequel Styx: Shards of Darkness scheduled for release beginning of 2017.Call of Cthulhu will be released for the PC, PS4, and Xbox One sometime this year. Players are tasked with finding the balance between keeping Pierce’s sanity levels within normal range while exploring the environments for clues that lurk in the shadows.Although I prefer themes set in an H.R Geiger-like realm (Scorn to be specific) over Lovecraft’s work, I think that the latter still stands and works well when executed correctly. A disturbing truth is ultimately unravelled as the Great Dreamer, Cthulhu, prepares to rise once again.