Sony finally brings external hard drive support to the PS4

But hopefully it will a decent option for PS4 Pro owners to get a bit more out of their new console.A new system update to the PlayStation 4 is on the way, and it’ll be a celebrated change from gamers who find themselves running out of hard drive space.The Sasuke update will also bring new improvements to the PS4 Quick Menu feature that was given a major revamp in the previous update. The last update, which released 8 December, is called 4.07.Worst of all: It’s not clear which older PS4 games have been updated and which haven’t.Sony has confirmed to Polygon and other outlets that an upcoming PlayStation 4 firmware update (4.50) will include a “Boost Mode” which allows some PlayStation 4 games to perform better on the PlayStation 4 Pro, even if they don’t officially support it. Games were left out of the loop. Content saved on an external HDD will be manageable through the settings menu and apps on the external HDD will appear on the home screen. You’ll be able to add effects like drop shadows to text and darken the Function Area to make your icons visible.Sony also touts a quick menu refresh to make it “more accessible”, covering a smaller portion of the gameplay screen and offering quick access to Party features. According to Koller, they have now condensed all of the open tabs to a single simplified list, making it a lot easier to be able to see all of your notifications in a single glance. However, you will be able to turn off particular types of notifications, assuming that, for example, you already know how to access the system’s power settings (!). You may also see screenshots that users upload, because Live from PlayStation will now show screenshots uploaded to PSN as a Public Activity.But the feature that has us most intrigued is giving the PS4 the ability to play 3D movies on the PlayStation VR headset.Sony’s newly launched PS4 Pro console comes with an upgraded CPU, an improved GPU and greater bandwidth over the original PS4.Any game that launched after the PS4 Pro is all set (like “Uncharted 4” here).Sony isn’t yet ready to reveal all of the new features arriving with this new update.PS4: How do you update your console?