Woman says iPhone exploded while she slept

The Samsung Galaxy Note 7 made global headlines for exploding in 2016. Samsung’s disaster with the Galaxy Note 7 has made users at both ends of the smartphone spectrum extra sensitive to any news which involves a mobile gadget and flames. Well, apparently not, as an Apple iPhone 6 Plus has reportedly burst into flames while its owner was asleep in the wee hours of the morning.A Florida woman is raising questions about the safety of the iPhone 6 Plus with a harrowing account of her phone bursting into flames while she was sleeping.Black soot covers her night stand where the phone exploded. She will get the money back, when it arrives.”My face was so close to the phone that when it immediately went up in flames, it woke me up”, said Amanda Bentz. “I’m luckily a light sleeper, It literally blew flames right out the side of the phone.it singed my comforter, it my pillowcase right next to my head.” says Amanda Bentz. Well, we’ll have to wait on Apple to answer that.’It was sitting right next to my bed, ‘ said the neighbor, Greg Miceli, adding that the phone was not charging at the time. However, in this case the battery did not spontaneously catch fire. Apple had asserted at the time that the reason for the overheating issues could be the use of third-party applications. However, there have not been widespread reports of iPhones exploding.It is evident that explosions and serious overheating in Apple smartphones can not be construed as isolated incidents any longer as there have been countless such reports.’It was just like a ‘shhhhhh, ‘ kind of like fireworks, ‘ she said in a interview on Tuesday. It would also be beneficial to consult Apple directly regarding any issues that the users may be facing until the company issues an update to eradicate these problems.